NHASFAA Award Recipients

James M. Reynolds Award
The James M. Reynolds Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to NHASFAA. The award was first given in 1995 in memory of Jim who had passed away earlier in the year. Those who were lucky enough to know him won't forget him. He was NHASFAA's first President and known to many throughout the state as the grandfather of financial aid. Jim was a graduate of Saint Anselm College and also worked in the financial aid office at Saint Anselm College.

Award Recipients

Ken Ferreira 2017
Allene Begley Curto 2016
Susan Howard 2014
Carolyn Julian 2012
Tara Payne 2011
Suzy Allen 2009
Ingrid Lemaire 2005
Bob Tuveson 2003
Jolene Mitchell 2001
Bob Condon 2000
Barney Hoisington 1999
Millie Dustin 1998
Judy Condict 1997
Richard Craig 1996
Clint Hanson 1995

Lisa Jo Moher Committee of the Year Award
The Lisa Jo Moher Committee of the year award was created to honor and celebrate the life of our colleague who passed away suddenly in 2009. Lisa Jo worked in the financial aid office at SNHU for many years and was the director of financial aid at Granite State College. Lisa Jo was active in the association, passionate about helping students and dedicated to her family and career. Simply put...Lisa Jo had a great zest for life and left a lasting impression on the lives she touched. This award honors a NHASFAA Committee that has exemplified the same level of passion and dedication to NHASFAA.

Award Recipients

Donna Shelby, Development Committee 2017
Maureen Fagen, Training Committee 2016
Sheri Gonthier and Mac Broderick, Conference Committee 2015
Sharon Eaton, Speakers Bureau 2014
Leslie Bembridge, Development 2012
Jennifer Smith, Conference Committee 2011
Anna Clifford, Speakers Bureau 2010

Maureen Begley Scholarship
Maureen Begley died in November 2009 just one week after having attended her last FA conference (MASFAA). She had missed the NHASFAA conference that year because she had a cold. Maureen moved to the east coast after her mother died to live with her sister even though she hadn't actually seen Allene in 35 years (since their father died). After only 2 Christmas visits, she moved all the way from Nevada to a new life with a new family. Maureen attended an EASFAA conference less than 2 weeks after she first arrived on the East Coast. The next conference that she attended was NHHEAF/NHASFAA where Tori Berube made sure she had her own name badge which thrilled Maureen. She made so many friends and was so welcomed that FA conferences became her greatest pleasure! She always looked forward to the next time that she would see all her friends. She was so excited when she had her own name badge and Sue Howard facilitated name badges for her at several EASFAA conferences. Her family felt that donating conference registrations to EASFAA, MASFAA and NHASFAA would be the very best thing to do in Maureen's memory. It is their hope that the NHASFAA conference scholarship in Maureen's name will welcome new members to NHASFAA in the same way that NHASFAA so warmly welcomed Maureen.

Scholarship Criteria:
Paid NHASFAA Institutional Member
First-time NHASFAA Conference Attendee or worked in Financial Aid field less than 2 years

Scholarship Recipients

Andrew Desjardins, UNH 2017
Tara Di Salvo, Plymouth State University 2016
Shari Trabucchi, Rivier University 2015
Kristen Beck, UNH-Manchester 2014
Melissa Azzaro, Education Talent Search 2013
Mary Martin, Rivier College 2012
Jennifer Smith, UNH 2011

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