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8th Annual NHASFAA Conference
North Conway Grand Hotel
Settler's Green, North Conway, NH
October 23-24, 2014

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Hotel Information

Room Registration Deadline is Wednesday October 15th
You may view the hotel website and see all the local attractions at:

The Details are Below:

Two Day Conference Fee - to be paid to NHASFAA $175
One Day Conference Fee - to be paid to NHASFAA $125

There is no separate one day conference registration area. If you would like to register for a one day conference please complete the online registration, indicate which sessions you will attend, and check the $175.00 box. We will update your registration costs to $125. Please forward the $125 payment (plus membership if required) to Jason Graves at the address on your invoice.

Hotel Fee one night single (Thur Oct 23rd) $93
Hotel Fee one night double per person (Thur Oct 23rd) $53 ($106 total)
Hotel Fee two nights single (Wed and Thur, Oct 22nd - 23rd) $148
Hotel Fee two nights double per person $78 ($156 total)
***********Taxes are already included************
You will also need to have your NHASFAA Annual Membership Current (Fee of $35)

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