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Applying for financial aid is an important process for families to understand when preparing to send children to a college or university. To assist families, nearly all high schools in New Hampshire host financial aid nights each year between October and February. During these presentations, financial aid experts from NHASFAA or the Center for College Planning (The NHHEAF Network) provide an overview of the financial aid process and information on State and Federal student aid that is available to residents of New Hampshire.

Each year we provide guest speakers for nearly one hundred high school events.  Families who attend a Financial Aid night will receive valuable information, materials and a contact who can serve as a resource when completing financial aid paperwork.


To learn more about this valuable service, you can contact Sharon Eaton, Financial Aid Counselor, University of New Hampshire - Manchester, 400 Commercial St., Manchester, NH 03101, Phone: (603) 641-4114, Fax: (603) 641-4125.

If you wish to schedule a Financial Aid Night presentation for your school, please click here.

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